Bhang Cannabis Infused Ice Chocolate Bar (2018 Review)

bhang ice chocolate bar review


It may sound weird coming from a cannabis-lover, but sometimes I want an edible without the overpowering marijuana taste–I know, I know. Sue me. (If you’re new to the cannabis world you might want the opposite as that distinct flavor might initially be off-putting.) Read More

Flow Kana Harmony Rose CBD Strain (2018 Review)


I, like many Americans, am taking a serious look at my environmental footprint. Unfortunately, picking a “green” cannabis product isn’t as easy as finding a “certified organic” sticker–which isn’t as fun as finding a scratch-n-sniff sticker since the federal government doesn’t recognize cannabis as a legal crop.


Flow Kana creates

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Kushy Punch Plum Flavored Indica Gummy (2018 Review)


We all have go-tos that never let us down: watching Friends for a laugh, having a martini for breakfast, dining at the local Mexican place for dinner. For me, it’s my favorite pair of perfectly worn jeans. Every time I put the soft, light blue denim on I know exactly how they’ll fit. While

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5 Ways Vaping at Home Beats Braving the Bars



Getting elbowed by strangers. Feeling half a pint of beer drench your jacket from behind. Having to shout just to hear what your friend is saying. No matter how you slice it, going out drinking is overrated.


Sure, it can be fun to occasionally hit up your favorite low-key neighborhood bar with friends for a beer or two. But

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