Medical Marijuana Edibles Brand Guide Part 4: Cookies

weed cookies


Who doesn’t love cookies? Like the equally delightful pizza, the cookie is a versatile food that can be made with almost anything, hitting all five basic tastes and combining different textures to produce an awesome edible experience.


Just remember, they’re naturally difficult to break up evenly without a knife, so

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Should Cannabis Replace Opioids? A New Survey Says Yes


Despite being legal, opioids have created a nationwide epidemic of addicts and fatal overdoses. Why? These pills are easy to transport, easy to sell, and even easier to obtain with a doctor’s prescription. 


But a new study shows what cannabis experts have been saying all along: marijuana is a safe medical alternative to opioids.


Will this data

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Medical Marijuana Edibles Brand Guide Part 2: Chews

chew main


Unlike the more popular brownies, chocolate bars and cookies that dominate the edibles market, chews haven’t caught on quite as quickly, despite their awareness, potency and convenience.


As a result there are only a handful of companies creating them. Continue reading and you’ll discover that while they may all look

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