Flow Kana Harmony Rose CBD Strain Review


I, like many Americans, am taking a serious look at my environmental footprint. Unfortunately, picking a “green” cannabis product isn’t as easy as finding a “certified organic” sticker since the federal government doesn’t recognize cannabis as a legal crop. Luckily, the name Flow Kana is as good as that stickerRead More

Flav Asian OG Strain Review


In the past two years, many changes have swept through the California cannabis market–new laws, shops, brands. Though I’m thankful the industry is expanding and giving us more options than ever, I sometimes find myself lost like that first day of school; it’s exciting but can feel overwhelming. Some days I’m

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5 Ways Vaping at Home Beats Braving the Bars

nugg vape cartridge score

Getting elbowed by strangers. Feeling half a pint of beer drench your jacket from behind. Having to shout just to hear what your friend is saying. No matter how you slice it, going out drinking is overrated.


Sure, it can be fun to occasionally hit up your favorite low-key neighborhood bar with friends for

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Dosist Calm 50 Dose Review


I’ve taken to calling CBD-Rich products “CBD-eezy,” which, for me, is a combination of the easy, breezy, beautiful Cover Girl slogan and the take-it-easy effects associated with CBD. I like to think of myself in a music video with my hair slow-mo blowing in the wind with sun-kissed skin and friends all around. And

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Nugg Vape Cartridge Score: How We Rate These Inhalable Products


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There so many THC and CBD vape cartridges, disposables and pods available, it’s hard to know which are worth purchasing and putting into your body. So after much testing, debate and even more trial-and-error, we’ve created our own proprietary ten-factor rating system to help you decide.


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