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Hillary Clinton Proposes U.S. Reclassify Marijuana as a Less Dangerous Drug

Hillary Clinton wants to reclassify marijuana as a less dangerous substance in order to allow more research into the drug’s medicinal properties, the Democratic presidential candidate said Saturday in South Carolina.

SEE ALSO: Bernie Sanders Proposes Taking Marijuana Off the Governments Most Dangerous Substances List

Marijuana is currently classified as a Schedule I drug, the most dangerous of five substance

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How Marijuana Will Change Your Life, According to Reddit

More sex, better moods, less pain, Ever wondered how marijuana can improve your life?

Now that cannabis is legal in 23 states, people who’ve never before indulged in the sweet leaf are finally giving it a chance.

We were curious what they had to say, so obviously we turned to Reddit.

After four hours and twenty minutes of rifling through stories of people trying marijuana for the first time (and how their opinions on cannabis

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