Brand Spotlight: Altai Brands Gourmet Edibles Are a Work of Art

altai brands


Note: as most brands are revamping their products to meet new standards and regulations, the information in this article is subject to change.


Want a Michelin star level of flavor and presentation in your edibles?


Try Altai Brands, the company combining culinary artistry with cannabis science to bring you some of the fanciest, most potent marijuana infused sweets on the market.


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About Altai Brands

How Altai Brands’ Edibles Are Made


Where to Buy Altai Brands’ Edibles 

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About Altai Brands


Based in Salinas, CA, Altai Brands was inspired by the princess mummy discovered in the Altai Mountains of Central and East Asia. Undisturbed for over 2,500 years, her burial chamber revealed treasures and a vessel of cannabis to ease her pain in the afterlife.


Altai strives to combine this long, rich history of cannabis healing with their vision for its future: handcrafted, delicious, and effective edibles. Each one of their delectable treats is created with detailed attention to design, dosage, and flavor. It’s easy to see why Altai Brands resonates with patients and panel judges alike.


How Altai Brands’ Edibles Are Made


All edibles are created from small, top-quality NorCal indica and sativa strains using an extraction process that maximizes cannabinoids and terpenes. Altai even visits their crop to get a first-hand assessment of what they’re using before you put it in your body.


What’s the secret behind Altai Brands’ amazing array of uniquely flavored treats? Head chef Mark Ainsworth, a career pastry chef, utilizes his years of culinary expertise to elevate the perception of edibles as more than medicine. Every infused sweet is handmade and precisely dosed, so you know what to expect every time.




Bon Bons


altai brands     altai brands


Altai bon bons are part marijuana sweet, part tiny pieces of art. Each gooey morsel is hand painted in vibrant colors, almost like marbled brush strokes, giving them a uniquely beautiful aesthetic.


Even the packaging is eye pleasing! These bite-sized treats come in a thin, rectangular tin with a cool design and easy-to-read labeling. The tin helps protect them from getting smashed and fits in your drawer, purse, or pocket.


Bon bons come in two flavors: Dulce de Leche (sweet and creamy) and Sea Salt Caramel (salty and savory). Both have an indica or sativa option so you can choose your own adventure. Each tin comes with four plastic-wrapped 10mg or 25mg THC pieces (40mg or 100mg total), and will set you back roughly $15 and $30.


Another unique factor about these edibles? The chocolate itself isn’t medicated, only the filling; and, unlike some medicated candies, the high stays steady and doesn’t hit you in waves.


Chocolate Coins


altai brands


Simple and satisfying, these hexagonal chocolate coins are a throwback to your childhood, only much better. Made with 72% dark chocolate, they aren’t too sugary, have a slightly bitter aftertaste you might not expect, and are gluten-free.


Each individually packaged coin contains 10mg or 25mg of THC, an ideal stepping stone for beginners and moderate users. Find them for around $4 and $6 a piece.


Continuing with Altai’s attention to detail, these thin coins are engraved with an elk (found tattooed on the princess mummy) and the oxymoron “Our Ancient Future” (we’ll let you figure that out).




altai brands


Altai’s pips come in four milk chocolate covered flavors (dairy allergies or dietary restrictions be advised): espresso bean, salted almond, malt ball, and sour cherry.


A tin has 12 round bites dosed at 10mg of THC each (120mg a tin) for around $20, or get 25mg (500mg a tin) for about $40.


You can eat just one for a mild medication, or multiple morsels to steadily increase the dose. Bite into the pips for a mix of crunch and blended flavor (watch your teeth), or suck on them and let the chocolate melt away, slowly revealing the harder center.


Just be careful; these are so small and delicious you may be tempted to eat the entire pack in one sitting!




altai brands


These little suckers come in three memorable flavors: bing cherries and Tahitian vanilla (indica), lemon and Acacia honey (indica), and watermelon (sativa). The cherry vanilla soothers are a perfect after dinner breath freshener that’ll prep you for bed; honey lemon are great if you’re under the weather; and watermelon are a nice boost to daytime activities.


All three come in two dosing options: 10mg or 25mg per piece, with twelve pieces per tin (120mg or 300mg total). The 120mg tins cost about $15 while the 300mg retails closer to $30. Great if you’re just starting to experiment with edibles.




altai brands


You won’t get any artificial ingredients here. These all-natural, soft, and slightly chewy sativa gummies are only produced in small batches. Pick from three fruit-bursting flavors: white peach, bing cherry, and mango passion.


Each tin holds four pieces with 25mg THC each (100 t0tal), and typically sells for $20. Plus they’re dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan friendly! Reminiscent of those gumdrops you loved as a kid, only healthier. 


Where to Buy Altai Brands


Altai Brands’ classy medical cannabis edibles can be found across California dispensaries. Many of these have partnered with Nugg’s medicinal cannabis delivery platform to find local shops that carry and deliver Altai products faster than pizza. It’s free to use, though you need to be a legal MMJ patient.


If you don’t have a MMJ rec or ID card, ditch the google searches and let NuggMD do the heavy lifting with licensed telemedicine doctors ready to asses your condition/s. Become a California cannabis patient for just $39.


Customer Testimonials


“Altai’s one of the companies at the forefront of crafting the finest, most delectable edibles. Whether you’re attending a fancy wine and cheese picnic or just having one with your morning coffee, their products will elevate any experience.” –Joe C.


“The indica bon bons are the best. If I have trouble sleeping or just had a rough day, I’ll eat one or two after dinner and two hours later, I’m back to normal and ready to melt in bed. I dare anyone with insomnia to tell me they can’t sleep after taking these.” –Belle B.


“Their sativa malt ball pips are basically gourmet Whoopers that you’d get at the movies or convenience store. I love them during the day; they give me the perfect dosage and an energy boost everytime.” –Danny S.


Additional Links


Don’t forget, Altai’s is adapting their products to accommodate recreational and medical cannabis laws, so current news and product info might be scarce or nonexistent. Meanwhile, follow them on social media to stay in the loop.



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