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7 Tips to Control Your Cannabis Dosing

Once you understand the different ways to consume medical marijuana, it’s important to have a basis for how you manage your cannabis dosing.

Cannabis dosing depends on the person, condition being treated, and consumption method. The following is not medical advice and is meant only to provide general guidelines to approach medicating with cannabis.

Hint: Seek the opinion of your primary doctor or a cannabis specialist to learn if marijuana might be right for you.

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Post-4/20 Shows Promising Signs for Cannabis

Denver 4/20 Smoking

Law Enforcement Changes Tactics for 4/20 
In an acknowledgement that the “Just Say No’ message is no longer relevant, the Colorado Department of Transportation has a new strategy to ensure safe and responsible marijuana use.

Starting with the 4/20 festival, law enforcement officers gave out snacks instead of tickets to revelers.

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Where You NEED to Eat on 4/20 in L.A.

What goes together like Cheech & Chong? Batman & Robin? Corned beef & cabbage?

The answer my friends, is Cannabis & Pizza.

Throughout 4-20 history (it’s a long one, dating back to the Egyptians… look it up if you don’t believe me), marijuana enthusiasts from all walks of life have recognized that a day such as April 20th is meant, nay… is designed, to indulge thyself with heavenly treats that satisfy even your most stubborn of taste

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Chris Christie to “Crack Down” on Pot, New Poll

Chris Christie Promises to ‘Crack Down’ on Pot
Possible presidential candidate NJ Governor Chris Christie has come out against lifting the ban on medicinal marijuana. Speaking with conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt, Christie emphasized that he would not permit states to legalize marijuana. The Republican Governor still believes that ‘Marijuana is a gateway drug’ and that states should not

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Marijuana Date Night: You buy the pot, we’ll buy the pizza.

It’s a sunny Saturday in So Cal, and the perfect day to relax and spend time with friends and family, or spend time with your better half (marijuana date night is on Saturday, right?). Or not, being alone can be fun too!

But there’s some sure-fire ways to make your Saturday night better, and Nugg’s on-demand cannabis ordering platform can help. We did it before, we’ll do it again, and we’re doing it now. The two ingredients to satisfy

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DEA Head Stepping Down, Demi Lovato’s 4/20 Insta Pic to Miley

Michele Leonhard
4/21/15: DEA Head Stepping Down
Embattled Drug Enforcement Administration chief and marijuana foe, Michele Leonhart is expected to step down soon. Leonhart moved up the ranks in the DEA to the top spot in 2007.

She has been a vocal opponent of lifting the ban on marijuana. Speaking with a group of law enforcement professionals, she reiterated her disagreement

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Get Cannabis and Pizza Delivered Simultaneously on 4/20

Face-slapping pizza

This pizza, it’s just, it just won’t let me eat him.

It’s 4/20. Chances are you’ll be needing a pizza. You just started thinking about pizza. The chance you’ll be needing a pizza just increased nearly 10 fold.

Well, you’re in luck.

Cat gets owned by top helicopter.

Knew this post was missing something, a cat video. Anyways…

Nugg lets you

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Is Medical Marijuana Safe for Pets?



As medicinal marijuana becomes more widely accepted, a new group of patients is beginning to feel the benefits. Marijuana treats for dogs and cats are seen as a natural way to help pets deal with a litany of ailments.


Like their human counterparts, animals deal with illnesses including animal versions of cancer,

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