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Get Baked With These 3 Spooky Edible Recipes


The spirit of Halloween is based on do-it-yourself creativity. From homemade costumes to a spruced-up trick bag, the more handmade a prop is, the more authentic the experience feels–especially if it looks and tastes memorable. 

Rather than making cannabutter from scratch, you can use cannabis-infused treats (chocolate bars work best) and melt them down,

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Nugg Vape Cartridge Score: How We Rate These Inhalable Products


nugg edible score


There so many THC and CBD vape cartridges, disposables and pods available, it’s hard to know which are worth purchasing and putting into your body. So after much testing, debate and even more trial-and-error, we’ve created our own proprietary ten-factor rating system to help you decide.


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The Ultimate CBD Recovery Guide


From professional athletes to children dealing with debilitating illnesses, people from all walks of life are ditching prescriptions and turning to more natural plant medicine. But it’s not just any plant; they’re seeking relief from one particular cannabis compound: cannabidiol, or CBD.


Even if you

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