CannaCloud: The First Single-Use, Pod-Based Cannabis Vaporizer

CannaCloud- The First Single-Use, Pod-Based Cannabis Vaporizer

A year-old startup called CannaKorp announced last week it’s developing the world’s first single-serve, pod-based marijuana vaporizer system. Dubbed the CannaCloud, it’s essentially the Keurig of cannabis.

The CannaCloud could bring a level of precision and ease to marijuana consumption that could help elevate pot above its crunchy, hippie stigma, if the device finds mainstream success.

Here’s how CannaCloud works: The user inserts a pre-measured cup of marijuana into a travel mug-like cannister. With the press of a button, the cannister heats the marijuana and fills with vapor in less than a minute. A plastic mouthpiece opens a one-way valve that releases the vapor. Voilà.

While the comparable Pax 2, dubbed the “iPhone of vaporizers,” boasts minimalist design and an incredible build quality — users have to pack the devices themselves. The CannaCloud system is possibly the first to offer scale-weighted, pre-packaged dosages of Mary Jane.

If using the CannaCloud sounds as easy as popping a K-Cup into a Keurig machine, that’s because CannaKorp has two former executives from the leading single-serve coffee maker company sitting at the helm.

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