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Oregon Legalizes Recreational Pot

Oregon Legalizes Recreational Pot

Facebook Post from Portland NORML.

Facebook Post from Portland NORML.

On Wednesday July 1st, history was made. Oregon became the fourth state to legalize recreational pot with Measure 91. Oregon joins Alaska, Colorado, Washington and the capital, Washington DC as trailblazers in the recreational marijuana legalization movement. Oregonians will not be able to purchase marijuana from

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Marijuana News 4/20/15: Gateway Drugs, Chris Christie, & Obama

Sanjay Gupta speaking at the podium.
April 20. Ahh, yes, April 20. 4/20. Cannabis appreciation day in our book. Here’s are roundup of the best marijuana news segments of the day.

1. Washington Post Shreds “Gateway Drug” Label
Today, the Washington Post took a hard look at the theory that Marijuana is ‘gateway drug’ leading to use of harder substances. Although

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Hillary Clinton Enters Presidential Race

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton takes the stage.

4/12/15: Hillary Clinton Enters Presidential Race

Today, to no one’s surprise, Hilary Clinton announced her White House ambitions. Moving away from a traditional announcement rally, The Democratic frontrunner chose to make it official using a video called “Getting Started” that featured a diverse group of Americans. Her website does not discuss

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Lawmakers Challenge Justice Department on Medical Cannabis


4/8/15: Lawmakers Challenge Justice Department on Medical Cannabis

Representative Dana Rohrabacher (R-Costa Mesa) and Representative Sam Farr (D-Carmel) have taken a bipartisan stand against the Justice Department’s overreach on medicinal marijuana. Responding to the continued harassment of dispensaries in the Golden State, the Representatives schooled the Justice Department on it’s recent interpretation of an amendment meant to free pot

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Rival California Medical Marijuana Bills Advance

Medical marijuana bill

4/28/2015: Two Rival CA Medical Marijuana Bills Advance

Two medical marijuana bills that would regulate medical marijuana in different ways in California were approved Tuesday by an Assembly panel, although lawmakers said more work needs to be done to address concerns and settle on one scheme.

The Assembly Business and Professions Committee approved AB 34 by Democratic Assemblymen Rob Bonta of Alameda and Reginald Jones-Sawyer of

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Chris Christie to “Crack Down” on Pot, New Poll

Chris Christie Promises to ‘Crack Down’ on Pot
Possible presidential candidate NJ Governor Chris Christie has come out against lifting the ban on medicinal marijuana. Speaking with conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt, Christie emphasized that he would not permit states to legalize marijuana. The Republican Governor still believes that ‘Marijuana is a gateway drug’ and that states should not

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Fed Pressures Mbank to Close All Pot Shop Accounts |Nugg

4/13/15: Fed Pressures MBank to Close All Pot Shop Accounts
A bank based in Oregon was making a name for itself by being one of the few financial institutions that was working with cannabis retailers in the Pacific Northwest. When the bank opened an office in Colorado, the Feds stepped in. The bank was warned against it’s operations crossing state lines as marijuana is still illegal under federal laws. The difficulty of dealing with differing compliance

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More Than 500 Dispensaries Closed in LA

4/10/15: More Than 500 Dispensaries Closed in LA
At a press conference this morning, Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer claims his office has closed more than 500 illegal medical marijuana dispensaries. It’s been said that Los Angeles was once home to over 1,100 such dispensaries. Feuer’s insists that medicinal cannabis should be available, but companies that are not

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