Edible Review: Sprig THC-Infused Soda Perfect for a Light, Social Buzz


Sprig soda is a new low-dose, THC-infused citrus soda that will challenge the way you think about edibles and how you consume them.

While other edible manufacturers race to achieve ever higher cannabinoid numbers, often at the expense of taste and experience, Sprig embraces a more reasonable potency and touts a safe, social, and light-use message for new and experienced cannabis consumers.

What’s the dose amount in a Sprig THC-Infused Soda?

Beyond its appeal to both casual & connoisseur user demographics, Sprig is a tasty complement to any patient’s medication routine.

With just 15mg of THC per twelve ounce can, even the most amateur cannabis user can down the whole can in one go, and likely not get “overly-medicated,” which is the point of this product.

The company advocates that Sprig caters to cannabis-folk who prefer a light, uplifting and more social buzz when consuming cannabis.

Each batch is quality tested for potency, and because you’re drinking (not smoking) this cannabis-concoction, the uplifting effects hit you in 30 minutes or less.

Packaging, Flavors & Ingredients

Sprig soda cans feature clean, sharp packaging that include a mirrored finish nice array of colors. It matches a look and feel of most *healthy* commercial sodas, which is evidence of this industry’s ongoing maturation.

At a recent conference in LA, one of the hotel staff marveled at a four pack I was checking in with me. Thinking it was just a small batch of some new craft-soda brand, her eyes lit up when I disclosed the beverage was actually infused with THC, extracted from premium cannabis plants.

Along this vein of normalization, Sprig includes nutritional information and an ingredients list in their packaging, as any commercial beverage would. It’s made with cane sugar, and features a light citrus flavor which pairs well with most food (and smoked cannabis flower for that matter).

You can purchase Sprig either individually by the can, or as a convenient four pack perfect for dinner-parties and a girl’s night out.

Where to Buy Sprig THC-Infused Soda

Sprig began distribution of its cannabis-infused soda in June of this year, primarily to Southern California. Now, they’re found at many of the largest, most popular medical marijuana dispensaries in California.

You can find a store locator at their website, or just visit the Nugg app and use the search bar to find delivery services near you that carry Sprig THC Soda!

The Sprig Brand

Sprig is “a lab-made, light cannabis beverage is the ideal way to consume medical marijuana.  It is healthier than smoking, and safer than current high dose, homemade edible products. Sprig was created by experienced scientists and beverage experts. As marijuana reform sweeps North America, people deserve a superior product they can trust,” said Sprig founder, Michael Lewis.

Sprig promotes only safe and responsible adult use by authorized medical marijuana consumers in California. Sprig will be available for general recreational use, only if and when approved in California (expected in November 2016).  When recreational use is approved, Sprig believes it will be positioned as a leading choice for marijuana consumers.

And not just because of their product, but because of their approach to communicating the value behind it.

“Cannabis legalization has made significant strides. We believe it’s up to sellers of cannabis products to make sure that they are used in a safe and positive way. Sprig is a product that is refreshing, delicious and delivers a low-dose effect that is social and energetic. We view this as a healthier alternative not only to smoking marijuana, but to drinking alcohol,” Lewis added.

Sprig THC-Infused soda is not to be confused with Sprig, the on-demand meal delivery service, which raised $45 million in funding this past April.


Sprig THC-Infused soda is an exemplary edible choice if you’re a cannabis consumer who medicates casually, in public places, or simply enjoys a lower dose of THC in your edible servings.

Sprig is perfect for any moment you’d previously fill with a Coke or a beer. In my opinion, it could be the safer alternative to alcohol at your next party, cookout, or tailgate.

And you don’t have to only serve them over ice. We had fun making “Sprig punches” by adding a scoop of rainbow sherbert to a frosty mug of Sprig, for a special cannabis twist to the traditional ice cream float.


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