Paradise Candy Company: Infused Hard Candies Are More Than a Novelty

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What’s the best thing about THC infused candy? Everything! Paradise Candy Company is one of the oldest makers of cannabis infused candies, caramels and lollipops in the country. They’ve taken THC confectionary treats from novelties and dispensary afterthoughts to center stage as serious delivery systems for medication.


Here we’ll take an in-depth look at all their candies, as well as their non-edible products, to give you a better understanding of what Paradise can offer—even if your’e more of a chocolate fan.


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Candies with a Kick


Started in San Diego in 2007, Paradise Candy Company now makes a line of cannabis energy bars, gummies, and tinctures; but it was their powerful hard candies that put them on the map.


During this time many SoCal dispensaries were in their formative years, and few had a decent edibles selection. THC candies were relegated to the display case, usually lumped into a glass bowl, and rarely contained more than a few milligrams of THC.


That was the norm for marijuana candy and no one took it seriously. Until the summer of 2009, when Paradise Candy received a request to make their lollipops half as strong. Finally, there was a THC sucker that was putting people in the zone and beyond.


Bonus: Download a free PDF containing The Ultimate List of Medical Marijuana Edibles. Includes hundreds of edibles brands and products, conveniently categorized by type. 




Lollipops Paradise Candy


The first thing you’ll notice about Paradise Candy’s flagship lollipop, also known as a Paradise Pop, is its size, nearly two inches in diameter. This substantial sugar treat has a powerful 60mg THC, allowing you to ingest your cannabis slowly and steadily. Choose from apple, pineapple, raspberry, tangerine, and watermelon flavors.


The taste is crisp and clean, complementing the bright, transparent colors; there’s a hint of cannabis in the mix, but it’s not overwhelming and blends well with the natural flavorings.


Unfortunately, the sucker format makes it impractical to divide or share, so be sure you can handle the dosage (equal to four hard candies); we recommend using it after a long day to unwind. You might scoff at our daytime caution, but it can redden eyes, slur speech and attract unwanted attention, so consider yourself warned.


Note that the quick onset (15-20 minutes) and the quality high are due to their infusion of 85%+ THC oil, created using a proprietary CO2 extraction process. At about $10 each, Paradise pops are a solid deal for the medication—if you can handle the whole treat in one sitting.


Hard Candies


Hard Candy Paradise Candy


Since many patients requested candies that tasted as good as the lollipops but weren’t quite as strong, Paradise Candy’s “islanders” or “ranchers” were created.


These hard, translucent candies are the same size and shape as Jolly Ranchers, only come in conveniently color-coded packaging according to flavor and strain: green apple sativa, red watermelon indica, and yellow lemon CBD. All three are available in 15mg or 50mg single doses, for around $3 and $6 each, respectively.


Each candy lasts about 10 minutes in your mouth and about two hours on your mind and body. You can double down on the dosage by popping two simultaneously or sucking them consecutively. Also available in sugar-free doses.




Caramels Paradise Candy


These will test your willpower. Unlike the hard candies and lollipops, the softer caramels are sinfully creamy, melt in your mouth, and are absorbed quickly into the bloodstream.


They’re so good you can consume them in minutes, leading to a case of the munchies, and then more caramels in a sweet cycle of excess. The company understands this, so they’re dosed accordingly: 40mg (10mg each) or 100mg THC (25mg each) 4-packs for $10 and $20.


We believe Paradise’s caramels are better-tasting, faster-acting and deliver superior medication than most; what you get in the 4-pack is a better bet than a Cheeba Chew. Look for limited edition caramel swirls and chocolate/caramel delicacies to pop up seasonally.


Monkey Bars


Monkey Bars Paradise Candy


What a great idea! Monkey Bars are cannabis-infused energy bars made with superfoods like hemp and chia seeds, maca, and pink Himalayan sea salt. They taste just as good as Clif Bars, only give you a 40mg buzz of THC (85%+) or 20mg of CBD (26%).


Choose from four versions, THC Relax (indica), THC Energy (sativa), CBD Relax or CBD Energy; are all gluten-free, contain no GMOs, and sell for $10 each.


These are crazy delicious! Like most edibles, it took almost an hour to start feeling it, but the glow was worth the wait since it lasted through most of the evening. Of the quartet, we felt more productive and invigorated with the THC energy bar’s coffee and almonds, but the others are just as effective for their purpose.


Gummy Bears


CBD gummy bears paradise candy


Want Paradise Candy’s signature fruitiness and effectiveness without the THC? These gummy bears are the medicine for you. Each $40 bottle contains 250mg of CBD with 10 colorful bears (25mg each), perfect for new and older patients who want simpler, more familiar products.


Despite their non-psychoactive properties, be sure to keep this CBD medicine away from kids who’ll certainly be attracted to them.


Other Paradise Candy Products 


Due to their superior extraction process, Paradise Candy Company is often asked to partner with other medical marijuana companies. Check out these fine products.


Concentrates & Oils

Oil Paradise Candy Company

The concentrates contain the same high-quality CO2 extracted oil found in the rest of their products. Available in Charlotte’s Web CBD oil for a hefty $85 per 1g syringe, Rick Simpson THC (around 90% pure THC) or CBD oil for $45 per gramyou get what you pay for.



Tinctures Paradise Candy

The latest offering are there Alpha Extracts tinctures, which are administered sublingually  (under the tongue) with a dropper and come with 30 doses per bottle. Don’t like the taste? Just added them to your favorite drink or use them in cannabis cooking and get more creative while medicated.


There are four varieties to choose from: THC (180mg), CBD (120mg), THC/CBD (50mg THC:50mg CBD), and CBD Pet (50mg) for your faithful canine companion! All retail for around $40, except for the (human) CBD, which goes for $50.



Topicals Paradise Candy

Produced under the Sacred Biology banner, this line of hemp CBD infused topicals are made with organic, cruelty-free ingredients that contain no artificial dyes or fragrances. Perfect for helping alleviate cuts, bruises and other skin irritations.


Products include: 150mg muscle rub ($50), 50mg ($20) and 100mg ($40) healing balms, 50mg “relax” and “energize” body lotions ($15), 25mg peppermint lip balm ($10), and a 50mg deodorant stick ($20).


Remember, because they’re hemp based you can buy them directly from the company itself.


Vape Cartridges

Vape Paradise Candy Company

For vaping, Paradise Candy Company produces their famous C02-extracted pre-filled cannabis oil cartridges in an array of strengths, strains and flavors.


They’re 510-threaded, have more than 70% THC and contain a whopping 600mg in each, so expect to pay $50 or more per cartridge. Available in indica, sativa, hybrid, and CBD varieties.


Their own battery/pen (sold separately) operates on 3.6 volts for fuller hits, has an automatic draw that requires no button, and has an excellent, heavy-hitting intake—a far cry from the automatic-draw mechanism first introduced in cheapo disposable vape pens.


Their Candy Is Dandy!


If the edibles we tried are any indication and the testimonials we found are truthful, then Paradise Candies are keepers. You must try all of their scrumptious, power-packed hard candies, pops, caramels and health bars. They taste great and rejuvenate so they’re definitely worth your money and time.


Also, don’t save half of a hard candy, caramel or a lollipop for “later,” unless you live alone (and always plan to). It’s uncouth, unhygienic and uncool.


There’s one obvious drawback to tasty, colorful cannabis candies—they appeal to children and unsuspecting adults. So never leave them out or within reach of anyone but qualified adult cannabis patients.


They have the potential to corner the market on THC and CBD candies if they can be found in more dispensaries, so in the meantime you’ll have to find them yourself, or just rely on Nugg, the GrubHub of cannabis delivery, to get the whole Paradise line of infused goodies delivered right to your door. It’s as easy as ordering pizza!


Satisfied Customers Gush


“The candies at Paradise Candy Company are top notch edibles that provide great taste and thorough labeling, as well as a huge variety of flavors.” —Ruffhouse Studios


“I have used these candies to help relieve pain I have from Muscular Dystrophy. I also have COPD, so I can’t smoke. I take one sometimes two candies with my meds, and it really helps with my back pain and hip pain. These are only 10 mg apiece, but that is just fine for what pain I am looking to relieve.“  —Paul Q.


”These candies are great for my pain relief. I can’t smoke so I go to edibles. A friend of mine turned me on to this product, and they work so well that I will continue to buy them. Thank you so much for the great quality. For 40 mg it is fantastic. I think 100 mg would be too much for me.”  —Sarah W.

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