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Strain of the Week: Super Lemon Haze

This particular Super Lemon Haze strain can be found at Exhale Med Center, one of L.A’s premiere cannabis dispensaries, and you can order ahead at! Ok, moving on. Super Lemon Haze features a fiery, tangy tart take with a hint of sugar. Think Lemonheads candy but more subtle.

The Nugg app provides a handpicked list of the best cannabis providers in Southern California. We personally vet each dispensary on a variety of criteria, including product

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Banana OG | Strain of the Week

Strain of the Week: 3C Banana OG

The Nugg app provides a handpicked list of the best cannabis providers in Southern California. We vet dispensaries on many criteria and product quality is a top priority.

We don’t just rely on third-party tests, as they don’t tell the whole story behind a product. Members of our own team are responsible for ensuring our partners offer high-quality products that are safe for patients.

This is the first in a series

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5 Ways to Consume Cannabis

Doctors have only recently begun to publicly recognize the medical benefits of cannabis. From treating debilitating diseases in humans to easing pain in pets, there are countless applications for this remarkable plant.


But many people still don’t know what it really means to consume cannabis. Sure, you might be able to spot the difference between a joint and a bong, but there’s so much more to be aware of. . . 


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7 Tips to Control Your Cannabis Dosing

Once you understand the different ways to consume medical marijuana, it’s important to have a basis for how you manage your cannabis dosing.

Cannabis dosing depends on the person, condition being treated, and consumption method. The following is not medical advice and is meant only to provide general guidelines to approach medicating with cannabis.

Hint: Seek the opinion of your primary doctor or a cannabis specialist to learn if marijuana might be right for you.

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Marijuana Date Night: You buy the pot, we’ll buy the pizza.

It’s a sunny Saturday in So Cal, and the perfect day to relax and spend time with friends and family, or spend time with your better half (marijuana date night is on Saturday, right?). Or not, being alone can be fun too!

But there’s some sure-fire ways to make your Saturday night better, and Nugg’s on-demand cannabis ordering platform can help. We did it before, we’ll do it again, and we’re doing it now. The two ingredients to satisfy

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